MAGpro Product Overview

MAGpro Product Overview​

MAGpro’s panels provide a complete building envelope for floors, walls and roofs.  The system offers a fast, energy efficient, weather and mold resistant alternative to the conventional way of building.

The MAGpro system is ideal for all construction applications including residential, agricultural, commercial and special purpose structures. It offers much more than structural superiority as it has no nutrients to feed mold or insects, it has advanced fire protection and zero flame spread.  In addition, the material is virtually VOC-free, creating optimal indoor air quality and a much safer building to occupy.

The panels are made by laminating two sheets of magnesium board  to either side of an EPS (expanded polystyrene, often referred to as Styrofoam) insulation core. This creates a structurally insulated panel or “SIP”. The system can be used for frost walls, basement floor and all basement foundation walls, so it minimizes the need for concrete other than the strip footing. You also have an option to install a steel foundation as an alternative to concrete, this would eliminate all concrete and would enable you to build all year round in all weather conditions.

Installation consists of placing the MGO panels over a base plate, and fastening together using lumber splines, spray foam and screws. The panels are stood in place in accordance to engineered detailed panel drawings, processed panel packages include prefabricated window openings and electrical chases every 16″.

The MGO panel has its own integrated vapor barrier. Basically every time a panel is stood in place, the builder is framing, insulating, installing vapor barrier and sheeting both sides. This results in overall quick construction.

The panels are all made and processed in a controlled environment, out of the weather, and in conformance with quality control standards. The making and processing of the panels, allows time for the required site work and preparation to be completed prior to panel delivery. This creates an efficient construction process, with an extremely energy efficient product.

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