MAGpro Applications

MAGpro offers a complete building envelope in all aspects of construction. The applications include foundations, residential, commercial, industrial, sound barrier fencing and retaining walls. We offer huge advantages in all areas of applications, resulting in our ability to accommodate all your construction needs.​



Simplified, safe and healthy foundation systems…..

MAGpro offers a fully engineered foundation system as a superior alternative to concrete and wood foundations. The whole foundation system consists of frost wall, basement floor and below grade walls. Our system is typically a more cost effective and installation efficient alternative to commonly used ICF. Once a concrete or steel footing has been placed, our panel install can take as little as one day to complete dependent upon the project size. 

When completed the installation crew has essentially framed, insulated, fire protected and vapour sealed the whole foundation and drilled holes in the top plate as required to meet electrical chases within the panels. This is especially beneficial to modular home companies who require time efficient basement installations to make ready for their structure to either be craned or rolled on. 

Once our system has been installed the homeowner has the option to leave the basement walls until a later date without having to incorporate basement frost wall framing and drywall as may be required by other systems to meet building code.


Residential Applications

Our panel system is perfect for all structures including residential. The energy efficiency of a MAGpro panel system will effectively reduce utility costs for the lifetime of your home, ultimately drawing less resources and leaving more money in your pocket for the things that matter. Take the time to discuss all the advantages with MAGpro and the cost comparison details on the whole project, we are certain that you will see the MAGpro envelope system is perfect for you.

  1. Onsite construction time greatly decreased
  2. Can construct all year round
  3. Zero flame spread, zero smoke contribution, 1-2 hour fire rating
  4. Fires will not spread from a structures exterior to interior or vice versa
  5. Highly energy efficient
  6. Offers structural superiority and extremely durable
  7. Solutions for external finishing which can be very cost affective
  8. Can eliminate the use of concrete when combined with a steel footing
  9. Available in a range of different sizes and thicknesses
  10. The construction process results in fewer thermal breaks
  11. Utility costs will be greatly decreased, structures require smaller HVAC system
  12. Panels are resistant to mold and mildew
  13. Virtually VOC free – no off-gassing
  14. Can create cost savings throughout a project
  15. MAGpro’s panel system is a green build technology.


MAGpro Applications

Efficient construction, fire safety, healthy & energy efficient, the ideal commercial structure.

MAGpro offers a great building alternative for commercial buildings, factory processed jumbo panels (multiple panels joined together) offer a quality controlled product ready for onsite installation. As a jumbo panel is much larger than a single panel the installation crew are constructing large areas of the building in much less time. The result is rapid construction and each time a jumbo panel is installed the installation crew is framing, insulating, sheeting both sides and installing vapour barrier all in one process. The structure offers a strong fire protection with zero flame spread and zero smoke contribution, this is an essential advantage for commercial buildings as fire safety is extremely important. The energy efficiency of a MAGpro panel system will effectively reduce utility costs during the lifespan of the building, ultimately drawing less resources and increasing profits.

  1. Quick construction
  2. High fire safety prevents fire spread and smoke contribution
  3. Resistant to mold and mildew
  4. Solutions for external finishing which are both aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective
  5. Resistant to rust and corrosion
  6. Panels offer a 230lb load capacity per screw so you have a usable internal wall for fixings
  7. Mechanical installation made easier
  8. May eliminate conventional steel framing, insulating and vapour barrier
  9. Pre manufactured panels in a quality controlled environment
  10. Extremely high energy efficiency results in greatly decreased utility costs


MAGpro offers flat packed systems which are engineered and designed to greatly decrease time lines on site.

We offer flat packed solutions for industrial structures from skid shacks to free standing enclosures. Our insulated frost wall creates a horizontal geothermal field ideal for agricultural buildings. Our skid homes or offices can be prebuilt in our facility offering such a highly energy efficient envelope the structure can be heated electrically.


Our panelized systems are not just utilized for envelope construction. We also offer fence panel systems too.

Our fence panel assemblies are durable, structurally superior, fast to build and aesthetically pleasing. We can design and engineer your fence including, if required, batten/finish design details as well.

Our fence panel assemblies can be used in all commercial and residential applications.

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