MAGpro Full Service Offering

MAGpro is your trusted partner within the structural insulated panel (SIP) industry as we offer a complete service. We are truly a ‘one stop shop’; with the ability to supply your insulated panel package, and provide expert guidance by either training your crew or supplying complete installation service.  Our standard services include:

  • Project Costing & Estimating
    A Project Costing & Estimating group helps potential clients evaluate MAGpro panel projects.
  • Engineering Review
    The Engineering group reviews and helps modify designs for best application of MAGpro panels.
  • Panel Processing
    This is a pre-assembly / custom fabrication service performed in the factory, as per the engineered plans.  This ensures quality and efficiency for client projects and greatly reduces the build time and cost as well as eliminating waste on the construction site.
  • Installation Training
    Experienced trainers work directly with your team to ensure problem free construction.
  • Installation Service
    Alternatively, we can provide a complete installation service if you do not have a local builder or contracting crew available.
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